General information about company

Scrip Code*542579
NSE Symbol
MSEI Symbol
Name of the listed entityAshapuri Gold Ornament Ltd


Mode of Fund RaisingPublic Issues
Description of mode of fund raising (Applicable in case of others is selected)
Date of Raising Funds16-03-2021
Amount Raised (in Rs. Crores)30.015
Report filed for Quarter ended31-03-2021
Monitoring AgencyNot applicable
Monitoring Agency Name, if applicable
Is there a Deviation / Variation in use of funds raisedNo
If yes, whether the same is pursuant to change in terms of a contract or objects, which was approved by the shareholders
If Yes, Date of shareholder Approval
Explanation for the Deviation / Variation
Comments of the Audit Committee after reviewNone
Comments of the auditors, if anyNone

Sr.Original ObjectModified Object, if anyOriginal AllocationModified allocation, if anyFunds UtilisedAmount of Deviation/Variation for the quarter according to applicable objectRemarks if any
1Establishment of Jewellery Manufacturing UnitN.A.1010
2Meeting Working Capital RequirementsN.A.21.25021.250
3General Corporate Purpose N.A.7.2507.250
4Public Issue ExpensesN.A.0.515400.0980

Signatory Details

Name of signatoryJitendrakumar Saremal Soni
Designation of personManaging Director