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We're known for Highest Quality Standards & Working Conditions

We Believe in Fair Trade

No Child Labour

High Quality operational Standards

Happy working environment

Full Attention Towards Human Rights

Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults from Violence & Abuse

Gender Equality & Women's Economic Empowerment

We Respect, Value & Nurture who work with us

Child Protection

Harrassment & Anti-Bullying Policy

At Ashapuri Gold, we care about our craftsmen with increased working standards at our factories, offices & branches.

Hundreds of craftsmen work in our ecosystem crafting premium jewellery products for our prestigeous clients both domestic & international.

Value Principle


1.We manage our resources responsibly and ethically.

2. We strive to be effective and deliver positive impact.

3. We take responsibility for our actions.


4. We respect, protect and champion human rights, and fight for those disadvantaged in international trade.


5. We value, respect and nurture the people who work for us.

6. We are honest, trustworthy and transparent about how we work.

7. We govern our affairs in a responsible, democratic and transparent way.

8. We practise what we preach in relation to fair and sustainable trade.


9. We collaborate and coordinate our efforts as one global system.

10. We build partnerships and collaborate for greater global impact.