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Company Management

The Top Leadership Team that makes it all happen Seamlessly.

The Growth that Ashapuri Gold witnesses for itself and its clients comes with Decades of experience in various fields. This Basket of Experts have made sure that the Growth Cycle Never Stops.

Shri Saremalbhai Soni

– Chairman

Mr. Saremalbhai Soni is a doyen of the Indian Gems and Jewellery Industry and is one of the most respected personalities of the Gems and Jewellery Industry in India.He has a rich experience of more than 34 years in the Gems and Jewellery industry. He has completed his education up to matriculation. His Elder son took over the business in 1997 & his younger son joined operations in 1999.

With his considerable wealth of experience, Mr. Saremalbhai Soni brings immense value and insight to the Board of ASHAPURI GOLD.

Mr. Dinesh Soni

– Managing Director

Mr. Dinesh Soni leads the company with a futuristic vision and predicts human trends with an eagle's eye.

Hardworking, Dynamic & Visionary, Mr. Dinesh goes all in and is involved in 360-degree aspects of the Company Including Human Capital Management, Finance, Business Development, Marketing & Merchandising.

Mr. Jitendra Soni

– Joint MD

Mr. Jitendra Soni holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Gujarat University. After completing his study, he joins his brother with his specialization in management with the use of technology.

He is involved in the management of the Company’s enterprise resource planning systems and is actively engaged in accounting, merchandising and general corporate management.

Mr. Jenik Soni

– Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jenik Soni is the Young Leader & Brain of the Company with a vision that is dynamic, up-to-date& understands the rapidly evolving market in the digital age. With his New Age Tactics, Mr. Jenik Soni aims to revolutionize the way traditional operations happen in the industry, making Ashapuri Gold one of the leading companies to adapt Digital Systems & Softwares for a scalable problem-solving approach.

He looks into all the aspects of the company that might require urgent support and strategies and executes the same holistically in the organization.