Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd. Reckoned as one of the prominent manufacturer and wholesaler of gold jewellery. Its been 20 years of this remarkable journey serving jewellers from metro cities to even many parts of urban locations and unrivalled quality of jewellery that is a promise for.

Our manufacturing expertise, large inventory of designs & high quality of service has made it possible to be in league of top jewellery suppliers. I we are committed to providing you the best buying experience to every indian & international jeweller.


We have a wide range of jewellery products in 22 carat gold ornaments such as Choker Set, Toda Set, Long Set, Pota Jewellery, Saloya, Bracelet. We also offer Temple Collection, Moti Set, BikaneriMeena, RaniHaar.

Our range of product offerings caters to diverse customer segments from high end to mid-market& value market segment.


Your customer service is fantastic and your jewellery is beautiful. I’m looking forward to my next purchase.

Ms. Patel